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Hello, I am Sarah Logue. I am a psychotherapist and am looking forward to working with you to create responses to questions you may ask yourself about how you live your life. You may have a sense that you are at a crossroads with no idea of how to proceed, or that something that once felt important and alive to you now no longer does, or maybe you are struggling and have a sense that something is not as creative and as useful to you as you would like it to be, and a vital part of you is not getting nourished and is not thriving.

The way I work is transpersonal, and combines elements of person centred and psychodynamic therapy, in order to develop an integrated sense of the whole person, their past, present and future, while holding in mind the creative potential of what comes into being when two people attend to one another. I offer a space for reflections and the opportunity to play creatively with ideas and plans, a place to hold difficulty and share in acknowledging how painful it is to be where we are. I work with dreams and aspirations, regrets, and wants, hopes for the future.

about me

sarah logue

I grew up in Brussels, Belgium, and attended the Lycée Français before moving to England and gaining my qualifications in art, art history and drama.

I studied French, Philosophy and History of the Cinema and graduated with a BA Hons degree (Middlesex Polytechnic, North London (now Middlesex University).

I worked in business for some years before re-training as a counsellor, then as a psychotherapist. I completed my training in Counselling (2008) and Psychotherapy (2015) ‘Counselling and Psychotherapy with a Soulful Perspective’ and also my Diploma in Supervision (2019) ‘Supervision with a Soulful perspective’ at Re-Vision,

I am a member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) and the UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy) I am fully insured and follow the UKCP ethical guidelines for Psychotherapy and supervision.

I have experience working with adolescents, having worked for four years as a counsellor in a team at the BRIT School in South London, and I also have experience working with couples.

my approach

My psychotherapeutic work, what I practice with those who come to see me, is to do with tending to the life of the soul, and we do this by being with the living part of what is said and responding to the life in the moment. What I mean by this is that I respond to the relationship between us and pay attention to what is being created as a result of the interaction between my clients and myself in the room.

We may use elements of play or play-acting, of story-telling and telling of dreams, and we may use creative tools. I may encourage you to draw and paint if that feels helpful.

What brings people to therapy is often something painful or disturbing, something out of the ordinary. If what we have put in place in our lives and what we thought was working is not serving anymore, perhaps we need to put it to one side, think about it in a different way. When every day is mapped out and relatively constant, we feel sure of ourselves. But the old habits can conceal underlying problems. It is tempting to want to keep it that way, keep it comfortable and familiar and not to rock the boat, but at some point the boat may get rocked and that is when the cracks show. Sometimes we need things to happen to us in order to find our way through, and this time of disruption may be an opportunity to look at what is really going on. For something else to survive we must put in the work and dig deep.

session information

I have time available for new clients for 50-minute sessions online, by Skype or on Zoom. My session fee is £90.00. My practice is in North London, in Finsbury Park N4, near Finsbury Park station on the Underground, with easy transport links to main line rail. Sessions are payable in cash or by bank transfer on the day, or for sessions in advance. These sessions are based on a one-to-one approach, over an open-ended period. We will discuss how long we will propose to meet in our first few sessions. I have a limited number of low-cost spaces for clients. If there are none available at your time of asking I can put you on a waiting list until such time as a space opens up.

PLEASE NOTE: I am following the UKCP guidelines for working as a psychotherapist, as below, and will not be returning to one-to-one in person meetings until such time as we are more certain of client safety.

UKCP Guidelines Covid-19

Governments in the UK recently updated their guidance on the strict rules put in place to protect us all from the highly contagious and potentially fatal new coronavirus, Covid-19. It’s a positive sign that infection rates are being brought under control.

But while the new rules set out a slight easing of restrictions, we remain in lockdown and are being told to work from home wherever possible and maintain physical distancing from other people. Our advice continues to be that wherever possible clients and therapists do not risk theirs’ and others’ health by delivering/receiving therapy in person where other options are available. Therapists must apply their professional judgement and refer to their insurers and, where applicable, their employers.

We are advising people who are looking for information about the virus to visit the NHS website, where you will find the most up-to-date information, including what to do if you are worried you might have symptoms, advice for travellers and common questions. The GOV.UK website also has up-to-date information about the situation in the UK.